What We Do

ARMS is a small business operated by marine scientists Glen Whisson and Alexandra Hoschke that specialises in monitoring marine environments using non-invasive techniques.

We specialise in:

  • The publication of marine species identification books in Western Australia
  • Biodiversity and habitat surveys of marinas, sanctuary zones, artificial reefs and other shallow marine environments Examples of past projects:
    • Fish diversity at the Exmouth Navy Pier
    • Baseline biodiversity and habitat mapping of CYO’Connor Artificial Reef (North Coogee)
    • Port Coogee Marina fish biodiversity monitoring
    • Marine invertebrates of Exmouth Gulf and Ningaloo Reef
    • Heron Point fish survey, Exmouth Gulf
  • Grey Nurse Shark research in Western Australia
  • Long-term ocean temperature monitoring at Rottnest Island and Ningaloo Reef

Identification Books For Sale

We have everything you want and need to make your diving experience safe & comfortable!

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Aqua Research & Monitoring Services Aqua Research & Monitoring Services is in North Coogee.

5 hours 57 minutes ago

I’ve got my eye on you! It’s hard to have a dive around the coastal jetties south of Fremantle without seeing our very own West

Aqua Research & Monitoring Services Aqua Research & Monitoring Services is at Lighthouse Bay Exmouth.

2 days 10 minutes ago

How stunning are some of the Nodular Gorgonian Fans (Melithaea sp.) at Ningaloo? We photographed this one in Lighthouse Bay and you can make out